Tryout Tips For Coaches

Let’s face it, anyway you slice it tryouts are the lifeblood of a hockey team. Whether you are holding a week-long training camp or a few isolated evaluation skates, tryouts are the foundation upon which your season will be built. The tough part is that tryouts can be just as stressful for a coach as … Read more

How To Poke Check In Hockey

The poke check is the unsung hero of defense in ice hockey. It is used more than any other type of check. There’s more to it than just poking your stick at the player with the puck. We go over the basics of poke checking and some things to be careful when using the technique.

Ice Hockey Positions

Now that you’ve got your skates, stick, and pads and you’ve learned to skate you need to learn ice hockey positions? Now that it’s time to start playing a game, you need to know where on the ice everyone should be. The ice hockey positions are Center, Right Wing, Left Wing, Right Defense, Left Defense, … Read more

How To Start Playing Ice Hockey

two silhouettes of kids learning to play ice hockey on a frozen pond

Ice hockey is a fast growing sport and in turn many people are starting to take the ice at all ages, but many are not really sure the best way to get started.  There is a lot of things to figure out if you want to get started playing ice hockey, but this guide will provide you with the basics of what to do and what to expect.