Ice Hockey 101
New to the game or just want to brush up on some fundamentals?
The Puck Stops Here
Want to be a Goalie? Ready to get between the pipes and stare down a slapshot from the slot? This is where you belong.

What Is An Icing In Hockey?

If you have ever watched hockey with someone who is not familiar with the rules of ice hockey, getting this question is unavoidable. So if you came here to find the answer to that then you are in the right place.

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Ice Hockey Equipment Guide

You can’t get out on the ice if you don’t have the right ice hockey equipment. If you want to pick out a specific piece of gear, then click on one of our buying guides above. If you are just

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Ice Hockey Positions

Now that you’ve got your skates, stick, and pads and you’ve learned to skate you need to learn ice hockey positions? Now that it’s time to start playing a game, you need to know where on the ice everyone should

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two silhouettes of kids learning to play ice hockey on a frozen pond

How To Start Playing Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a fast growing sport and in turn many people are starting to take the ice at all ages, but many are not really sure the best way to get started.  There is a lot of things to figure out if you want to get started playing ice hockey, but this guide will provide you with the basics of what to do and what to expect.

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Ice Hockey 101

Ice Hockey 101 is our entry level introduction to the amazing sport of ice hockey designed to get you on the ice and having fun as soon as possible. Ice Hockey is a great sport and involves a lifetime of learning new tips and skills. We’ve narrowed it down to the basics you’ll need to get started.

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About Us was started by a group of friends that grew up playing and still love the game of ice hockey. We all followed different career paths but all stay involved in the game in some way or another. Over the years, we have learned a lot about the sport of ice hockey. Now, as some of us are even seeing our kids start to play the game, we wanted to pass along whatever we can to anyone that wants to learn. 

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